Our Concept

A&A is dedicated to bringing together multiple forms of expansion for personal growth and development. For this reason, A&A Spiritual Concepts serves as the parent company to several diverse organizations, which host a variety of activities, workshops and retreats.

Explore these organizations and their offerings below. If you don’t happen to find something that meets your needs, please let us know!

Email: info@themeditativeminute.com
Phone: (602) 753-7073

The Meditative Minute

The Meditative Minute brings you tools and tips to gently navigate into a meditative state no matter the location or circumstance.

meditate anywhere

We do this in the following ways:

  • Blog posts & quick tips offering meditation & relaxation techniques
  • Live classes & workshops 
  • Retreats 
  • Guided meditation videos
  • Online classes & workshops (coming soon)

Whether you only have a minute to pick up a new skill or you have a desire to dive deep into the practice of meditation, we have support for you.

Learn more at themeditativeminute.com


Suivera’s Mission is to create a global movement of LOVE.


Utilizing love as the common language, Suivera community members are committed to a healthy sense of self-love and self-care, which provides them with the strength to be the light for others.

As love begins to build within each individual, it serves as a powerful foundation to build healthy, loving relationships with family and friends.

Through the power of love, the impact continues → as each person and family grows healthier and more founded in love, this energy ripples out into our communities, our planet and our universe.

It all begins with YOU and ME and US. Join the Suivera Movement and commit to focusing on LOVE.

Learn more at Suivera.org

Opportunities for Expansion


Opportunities for Expansion is a six-month journey that contains short, daily practices to guide individuals through the process of shifting awareness. It provides the ability to expand perspective in small doses, empowering individuals to see how each step leads to a new beginning.

These short, daily messages are designed to be easily consumable, promote subtle expansion and assist with eliminating Fear, Stress and Anxiety by providing tools for Being Present, Letting Go, Gratitude & Self-Love

Visit this site at opportunitiesforexpansion.com

Transdimensional Energy


A site and service dedicated to bringing in love light energies that can assist, both as a collective group of mankind and as individuals, to change patterns of behavior and ultimately reconnect with our light within. To begin to see ourselves from  new perspective so that we might create the life that we came here to experience.

Visit this site at transdimensionalenergy.wordpress.com

Amber Mikesell – Author & Life Coach


Pulling from her diverse life experience, Amber empowers each person to build the life they desire by providing tools to clearly generate the path that will lead them there.

She is a product of her own system, having navigating from an entry level role to an executive level position by her early 30s. Amber then leveraged the knowledge she gained from her time in the corporate environment to build a highly successful career in film as an actress and producer.

Ultimately, Amber found her true calling in helping others. She found that blending her passion for yoga and meditation with the tools that have been keys to her success in life created a one-of-a-kind program that have assisted others.

Whether speaking to large groups, coaching one-on-one, or facilitating classes/workshop, Amber’s goal is to assist others in reaching theirs.

Amber is an internationally recognized author and life coach, providing services all over the world. She trained in traditional asana yoga and vedic philosophy at Arhanta Yoga Ashram in Khajuraho, India. In addition to being an internationally certified yoga instructor, Amber is a certified life coach, certified meditation practitioner, certified reiki master, nutrition counselor, internationally certified barre instructor, and certified by the American Red Cross in CPR, AED and First Aid. She holds her BA in Communication from Otterbein University.

To learn more about Amber, visit her online at AmberMikesell.com  You may also reach Amber on Facebook

Austin Uhl – Author & Life Coach


Austin graduated from the University of Denver where he had a golf scholarship and achieved a BSBA in Marketing and in Management. He is a highly successful entrepreneur who has had experience starting companies in many different industries and traveled around the world – all of which have lead him to where he is now. He has recently dedicated himself to the practice of asana yoga and meditation. Relatively new to the practice, Austin brings a fresh perspective to those he serves. Austin’s certifications include life coach and meditation practitioner. He is currently an active yoga trainee and has had intense study in this area by assisting in classes and workshops.

In addition to his knowledge of yoga, life coaching and meditation, Austin is also an energy channel and guide for pure love & light. Through the practice of yoga and meditation, he experienced life shifting awareness that he now honored to share with others to assist in serving them on their journey.

You may contact Austin on Facebook